No-Bake Energy Bars

This Energy Booster Bars are easy to make and are a power combo of protein, fiber and antioxidants. Bonus: They have none of the caffeine or sugar of a diet soda or other energy beverage.

How to Use It: Make a week’s worth of portable bars in just 15 minutes! Try one after lunch to fight off the mid-day slump.

Drop a Decade With This Diet

It may come as a surprise, but the aging process starts with your diet! Rather than spending unnecessary amounts of money on beauty creams and serums, start focusing on the foods you are putting into your body. These simple fixes can help you ease into the aging process by helping you to look younger.

Drop a Decade With This Diet

Oyster mushrooms help control blood sugar

Oyster mushrooms have been shown to help control blood sugar levels. One study showed that eating these mushrooms dramatically lowered blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Be sure to talk to your doctor to make sure these mushrooms won’t interfere with any medications or drop your blood sugar too low.

Persimmon-Goat Cheese Wedges

“In late fall there are almost as many persimmons in Napa Valley as grapes,” says Maria Helm Sinskey. Among the creative ways she uses them: these wedges of sweet persimmon layered with goat cheese.

It is easy, fast, healthy, make-ahead and vegetarian.


Persimmon-Goat Cheese Wedges

Judith’s Dungeness Crab Cioppino

For Christmas Eve dinner, Judith Tirado, Michael Mina’s late mother-in-law, always prepared cioppino—the San Francisco seafood stew that owes its origins to fishermen from Italy’s Ligurian coast. “She’d spend a whole day infusing the broth with basil and tomatoes,” Mina recalls. Now he carries on the tradition by making her hearty, briny recipe, full of crab, shrimp and clams.

Judith's Dungeness Crab Cioppino

Magnesium Give You Energy For Fitague-fighting

Do you feel irritable, weak and exhausted all the time? You may be suffering from a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is a crucial, but frequently overlooked, part of a balanced diet. It’s crucial in more than 300 bodily functions – many of which give you energy. Get your daily dose of this fatigue-fighting mineral by eating five servings of these magnesium-rich foods a day.

All-Natural Headache Cures

A headache can often leave you down for the count and reaching for the stash inside your medicine cabinet. Dr. Oz has all-natural relief for your 3 most common kinds of headaches.

Instead of popping a pill, try these natural cures to relieve your headaches. Their efficacy proves that you can find relief outside of a bottle.

All-Natural Headache Cures

All-Natural Headache Cures

Homemade Pudding Pops


Homemade Pudding Pops is easy and simple to make all kind of your favorite tasty Ice Pudding Pops. It is a big entertainment for kids during the summer gathering. The most important is that you can control to put all healthy foods to make it. And keep out the unhealthy food from the recipe.

Cook time: 15 minutes
Total time: 6 hours (including freezing time)
Makes 6-8 popsicles

3-Day Detox Drinks

Eliminate harmful toxins and reset your body with this detox cleanse from Dr. Oz. All you need is 3 days, a blender and detox healthy foods!



Start your day off by eliminating harmful toxins, restoring your system and resetting your body with this detox breakfast smoothie from Dr. Oz.

Super Energy Smoothie

If you want to start off your day with a big boost of energy, try starting with this smoothie. It’s loaded with healthy fruits and veggies like watermelon, which helps dilate blood vessels to promote blood flow. Also, it has coconut water – one of the most hydrating liquids out there. The best part is this recipe yields a big batch, so you can make it once, freeze it, and drink it all week long.

Lentil-Quinoa-Stuffed Peppers

Getting your daily intake of fiber doesn’t need to be boring. This fun recipe uses two fiber-rich ingredients that will keep you full all day long. Feel free to use other lentils (green, yellow, red) instead of the black. You can also vary the herbs with parsley, cilantro and so on. The same goes for the topping; try putting some avocado slices, sour cream or cheese on the peppers before serving. Remember, recipes should always be looked at as an inspiration to expand on. Be adventurous and have fun cooking and eating.